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2023 relaunch.

Okay Ayo. Let's make this happen. Please. There's no way I'm going to allow you to have peaked (economically speaking) as a sixteen year old before your junior year of high school. 

Since you were four years old, you have always had such a drive to experiment and create systems by which money would come flowing in. You have always had a yearning to make your own money, not out of greed or lust, but rather out of a desire to innovate. But in the past two and a half years, it almost seems as if you have lost that drive. 


In part, I can blame depression, Mathias, college application season, and a handful of other distractors in my life for putting out this flame in my heart. But ultimately, it is me who has the power to reignite my old passions and to push myself to get out of this year long slump that i have been in. The power rests in my hands. 

so girly... what are we thinking?

In my mind, the vibes of my new website will be very dainty and eloquent, yet stylish and sexy. Oh, which reminds me, I want to start designing and selling clothes.


Simple things, that is. Think thick, high quality tank tops made out of beautiful prints with a little bit of tailoring, and a cute bow! Something like that is what I have in mind. I'd love to eventually expand to booty shorts, mini and maxi skirts, boleros, little sweaters, and even little tennis dresses. 

Aside from clothes, which I'm hoping will be the main focus of ayolin, I'd also be interested in incorporating an accessories page into my site, on which i can sell products such as scrunchies, hair-bows, makeup bags, and headbands (in the same prints as my most popular sellers.

Oh! And of course, to stay true to my roots, I will also be selling tote bags. <3

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